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Making memories

For our field trip this year, we went to Vietnam’s version of Disney World on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of family outings to the County Fair. The smell of pop corn, cotton candy, farm animals, and hot summer nights.

I am so happy to have shared an experience like this with our Big Big World family.

We went on carnival rides, saw a dolphin show, fed alligators, had our feet nibbled by little fishes, picnic lunch, more carnival rides, running for cover in the pouring rain, ending the day cooling off in the water park.

It was a majestic day.

There was such joy in seeing those kids scream with excitement on the rides, giggle with every new experience, and take each others hands for safety in the Hall of Horrors.

Making memories with these kids. Providing bragging rights for the start of the school year. Growing the bonds of friendship. Spreading laughter to the ends of the universe.

A good day all around.

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