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Market Morning

Our annual trip is always full of surprises because life is filled with spontaneity, but we have a pretty ritualistic approach to our time here. We only have a week, so to get the most out of our time, We have a stucture. We have changed up activities from time to time, but the general schedule stays the same. With all of the change in the kids lives this year, we are sticking to our tried and true activities and hope the routine is comforting. So- today is BBQ day. Tonight is our big party. We celebrate our friendship and the achievements of the kids over the past year. We have a couple of important government people associated with the orphanage coming tonight so we decided to move the education awards for the younger kids to tonight. We hope having these witnesses to the kids accomplishments will inspire the kids to work hard at their studies. Usually, we honor only the college kids on BBQ night and the younger kids at our end of trip dinner. Anyway- that's the back story. The story of this entry is the market day adventures. We always shop at the market together for the BBQ- it's a tradition!

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