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Make a real and a lasting difference in a child's life.



Dear Big Big World Project Benefactors,
My name is Phung. I am one of the people that has been helped by Big Big World Project. I am writing this letter because I want to express my gratitude. Big Big World has helped me change my life and made my life better. 
You supported my learning at University. You always care about me. You always give me advice when I have difficulty in life. You teach me to live and think in a positive way.
I wish that everyone is happy, successful, and healthy.
Thank you so much,




My name is Son. About 11 years ago I came across an organization called BIG BIG WORLD PROJECT. This group came to Vietnam to help me and the rest of my friends. Not only did they hep me in school,  but they also cared about my health.

In the time I have known them, they have helped me a lot in learning more in life.  I wish you always happiness and good health. I am very grateful to you all.





I am Son Trinh and one of the lucky ones to get help from Big Big World. Big Big World is a non-profit organization from the United States with people who have a good heart. You've been with me for over 10 years. You treat yourself as a family member and I feel that forever in my heart. I can stand firm on the college path so far with the help of tuition and the best pieces of advice about life when i stumble from you.  I know you always want to give us the best. I am always proud to have friends like you. I am very happy to hug and chat with you. I cannot wait to see you!  I wish you health, success and happiness. Love you!







"My name is Phap. I was born in Ham Tan, a small town in Central Vietnam. I was brought up by my mentally disabled mother and old grandmother until I was in grade 7. My grandmother was too old and she wasn’t able to take care of me. Then I was sent to Ham Tan orphanage. There, I had a better life, I was taken care of by the nannies and a wonderful man who I call “Dad”.  Two years later, BBW came and supported the orphanage. Not only money, BBW provided me education, health, and relationships as well. We became best friends, a big family gradually. BBW's members visited us every year, brought new clothes, medical services and education trips to the orphanage. After failing the University entrance exam once, BBW strongly supported me when I wanted to take it again. If BBW hadn't supported me, I would have stoped studying four years ago. From a boy without any future orientation, BBW helped and inspired me to become a senior of a famous university in HCM city now. Thanks to the support of BBW, my life and future have become much more beautiful." NOTE: Phap graduated on 12/15/2019 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Phap now works for Samsung and is a donating member of Big Big World Project, both financially and by visiting the kids, giving back.

Welcome moms in the Big Big World. My name is Nguyen Thanh Trung, As a child I was brought to the orphanage at Ham Tan Orphanage. I myself do not know anything more than the words thank you very much.  Thanks for what Big Big World has done for me. We are grateful for all the time you spend with us. The Big Big World mothers bring us the love we lack, the hope of a new life (the mothers send us money to school). Let us have respectable mothers in the circle of the earth. I'm proud of that. I thank all the members of Big Big Word for bringing our parents to us. We are forever grateful for this. Only in the next life can we repay all this love. I love you guys. We wish all of you and the members of Big Big World a happy and healthy life.

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