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Tan's teeth

Tan is the most charming young man I ever met.

Here he is on the left when he first arrived at Ham Tan orphanage in 2010 with his sister and brother.

On our visit last year, we noticed that he was a little shy about sharing his beautiful smile. It turns out that he was a prime candidate for braces. The local dentist agreed that he needed orthodontic work desperately. Unfortunately, that type of care is not available in the area where he lives. With the help of a BBW sponsorship, we were able to send Tan to Ho Chi Minh City to get this work done.

Here’s Tan at the dentist earlier this summer getting his new braces! Now I can say he is the most charming and the bravest young man I ever met. He will be going back to the dentist once a month for the next two years. It’s a big commitment for him and for us. But he’s worth it. His smile is worth it.

If you want to know how you can be a sponsor, please get in touch. Each child has a story to share. With a small commitment and a generous heart, you can make their dreams come true. You can spark a smile that lights their world on fire.

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