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Phuong, one of our former BBW college students, came to see us at the BBQ. He is now graduated, married, and has a 15 day old baby. He works on a dragon fruit farm. His wife is able to stay home with their new baby for now.

After the shopping and the playing- my previous two posts about this very same day- we went back to the hotel for showers and to get dressed up a little for the BBQ. Our schedule is pretty intense these first few days, we go from morning to night. THIS night though, is one we all look forward to. We have entertainment- a guy named. Michael Huy (AKA Michael Jackson) comes to entertain the kids, we cook all of the delicious food we bought at the market over small clay BBQ pots, and we recognize the academic achievements of the kids.

Unfortunately- Michael Jackson had to back out at the last minute for another engagement. He is a guy who is friends with the kids, he grew up down the street from them, and now he lives in Saigon. He has become somewhat of a celebrity. He was featured on the show Vietnam's Got Talent and other shows, and he does his act for very large events. We were so sad that he could not come, but we called Phil Singh, a talented musician we met a couple of years ago, and asked him to come fill in.

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