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The Incredible Thao!

Thao has been our in country facilitator and translator since 2009. To say she has mad organization skills would be a huge understatement. We have mused many times that she is the glue that holds this cool little organization together. Not only does she take care of all of the official government paperwork- and there is a lot of that- to get us here so we can do our jobs. She arranges all of our in country travel and accommodations, she schedules our field trips with the kids and all of the other activities we do with them. She works with our college kids here in the city, mentoring and helping them navigate the official paperwork they have to deal with. She facilitates tuition payments and generally fills the role as a parent would. Our kids are very fortunate to have her as a support.

She is also very active in charity work here with her church and is passionate about helping the poor. We sometimes call her Mother Theresa- and all joking aside, she is the most prolific and effective volunteer I have ever known- producing quantities of funds and food and even toys at Christmas for little kids. Her works range from basic needs for people to coordinating building of bridges to give a village more access to sell their vegetables and goods. All of this and she works a full time job and is very active in her family and church. We are lucky she has taken a shine to Big Big World Project and very grateful to her years of dedication and devotion to our group and the children we serve.

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