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Education: You can do it!

Helping these kids get a higher education is BBW's ultimate goal. Everything else we do goes to support this result. The field trip, the shopping trip, the annual BBQ, the hours of playing games, creating art, and bonding; the annual trip itself- are done to promote the feeling of family. We say in our mission statement that we care for them as parents would, and we do. We love these kids. It is tough to cram so much into a week, but we are finding that the BBW strategy is successful. In fact, 100% of the high school grads since we started this program are in college now. Two kids that did not finish high school did complete trade school curriculums and are in the workforce now. Not every child is college bound, but every child who wants an education to s

​​ecure a good job will receive our support.

While we were visiting during our 2014 trip, we met the tutor who helps the kids after school 3 days per week. His name is Mr. Thien, pictured at left, and he is a high school physics teacher. We learned that he has all of the kids, from first grade through ninth grade, in one class. We decided together that splitting the kids up in to two groups- primary and middle school- and doubling the number of his visits to 6 per week, 3 for each group, would be far more effective. He is very happy about this new arrangement because he is really dedicated to the helping these kids do well.

The children who improved their scores from last year get an award.

From the left: (Thao, Bonnie) students: Huong, Hue, My Ty, Tan, Son, Tan, and Phong. Phong was also the student with the highest scores overall. Back row- Betsy and Barb. Sorry for the poor picture- the lighting was challenging!

College and trade school awards. BBW offers educational incentives for kids each year that they are in school. Year one is a bike, so that they can navigate the city their college is located in (usually HCMC).

Year two they get a laptop. This is a tool every college student needs to succeed. We do require that they successfully complete one year of college to get the laptop. Years 3 and 4 are cash awards that they can use for whatever they need.

From the left: Phung, year 4, graduating this year. Hao- year 4, graduating 2015, Phap, year two, graduating 2016, Trung, year 4, graduating 2015, Duyen, completed trade school this year and is now a seamstress. Hang, year 3, graduating 2015.

We also recognized next years hopeful- Son Trinh. He is a senior and now studying hard to pass the a very important test that not only allows you to graduate from high school, but also places you at a college or university level school. University is the goal level.

After the awards ceremony, Phung presented us with a very special gift. She made this herself.

Big Big World- Big Big Family. We are so thrilled with the successes, small and large, of all of the BBW children. What an honor it is to serve such a deserving and hardworking group of people.

Please help us continue this important work.


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