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Travel to Vietnam

A simple commitment, “We will be back,” was the genesis of Big Big World. Two women made a promise – a promise they have kept by returning every year since 2005.  As Big Big World has grown, that promise has become our collective promise. And together we keep that commitment through the BBW Annual Site Visit.


The annual visit is vital to fulfilling BBW’s goal to be the support system for the children of Phan Thiet Children's Center -- to be their family.  A 12-day visit each year brings that family together, where board members and volunteers reach beyond the virtual Skype conversations and regular emails to be face to face with the kids.  During those precious days, we reconnect with the children, talking about their hopes and dreams, listening to their concerns and sorrows, sharing hugs of encouragement and love, and celebrating each individual.  


During the trip the board members and volunteers hold the annual Education Awards Dinner, to recognize and applaud achievement and effort.  Another activity, the annual outing to the nearby town, is the one time a year that our children purchase school supplies and choose crisp new school outfits.  The variety show – a favorite event of the visit – allows the children to show off their individual talents for their ‘family.’  The annual site visit renews the trust and hope that underlie everything else we do.  The children know we are there – all of us – and that we will be back.


We too return renewed and motivated because we see what a difference the larger BBW family has made.  In addition, the annual visit provides an opportunity for direct program oversight and hands-on assessment of the Center’s needs and of each child’s progress. This assessment and oversight review ensures accountability to our donors and sponsors.


Volunteers and sponsors are all encouraged to join the annual trip to Vietnam. For more information on this year’s trip, or on the planning for next year’s site visit, contact Barb Quist


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