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Oh what a night!  Late September in 2-0-1-5! I remember - what a night!


Yes  folks - it really was a night! Big Big World threw a one-of-a-kind party with a purpose, and it will long be remembered as a big deal ,with over 100 people playing games, winning all sorts of auction prizes, and dancing to the Wild Anacostias.  Highlights included  magic tricks, an international dinner buffet, Ham Tan Hattans served at the bar, and a wild dance-a-thon with giant balloons.  


Friends, families and sponsors came together on Saturday, 19 September and celebrated the children of Ham Tan. We celebrated the many accomplishments of the younger children, who are improving their grades, learning English, and growing in responsibility and character - and we applauded the older kids who have set great examples for the younger ones - successfully graduating secondary school with 100% acceptance and attendance record in university and college.  


Big Big World thanks all who came to the Gala and made it a huge success. We thank you - and the children thank you.  And for those who wanted to come, but in the end couldn't make it ---- we missed you. If you feel moved, you can still give. UntilOctober 15th, your giving will count toward our Gala goal - so we encourage you to contribute and to be a part.



Oh What a Night!

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