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Finally here!

We pulled through the gates of the orphanage on Friday afternoon. After a long drive, we were very anxious to see the kids! We were also very ready for the traditional fruit party- with a big selection of rambutan, bon-bons, watermelon, mango, mangosteen, longan, and other exotic fruits.

The fruit party was a tradition started on our very first trip over, when Thai was adopted. We had brought fruit at Thao's suggestion, and it was a magical ice breaker. We have done it each year since. Mackenzie, Zoe, and Isabella played with the kids and helped prepare the fruit while Jade, Cynthia and I met with Mrs Linh, the orphanage director. We had a very productive and affirming discussion. We are very appreciative of our relationship with the government officials.

We visited the seniors also housed in the compund and they remembered us and chastised us for not giving them copies of the pictures we took of them last year. We wont make that mistake again!

The kids played games, had foot races, and we reconnected with them through play.

The fruit party was fun, lots of laughter and opening rambutans for each other.

We are very excited about plans for the week coming up!

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